Holland's Blue Shield product line features poly-coated, non-asphalt and asphalt laminated papers and synthetic materials that are utilized in industrial packagaing, surface protection, metal protection and many other uses. Given the diverse uses of the products, Holland has designed the following sales guides to help users better understand the products:

Surface Protection Products

Blue Shield Surface Protection products provide durability and moisture protection for the job site. Materials can be used to protect floors, walls, countertops or any other hard surface. All Blue Shield products are made in the USA.

Grade 3518 - Reinforced Kraft Paper

Flame-StopR Kraft - Fire Retardant, Reinforced Kraft Paper

XLT - Heavy Duty, Poly-Coated Fabric

Flame-StopR XLT - Fire Retardant, Heavy Duty, Poly-Coated Fabric

Grade SW-40 - White PE Coated, Paper Backed Woven

Floor Board - High Caliper, Moisture Resistant Paperboard


Asphalt Barrier Papers

Blue Shield Asphalt Barrier Papers provide a semi-permeable moisture resistant barrier. Unlike a poly-coating, asphalt barriers have higher MVTR ratings allowing gradual transmission of moisture ideal for flooring underlayment, concrete curing and export packaging.

Aspahlt Saturated Kraft (AS) - Medium Weight Kraft Saturated with Asphalt

Grade 3030 - 30/30/30 - Asphaltic Duplex Barrier - Non-Reinforced 

Grade 3560 - 30/60/30 - 3-Way Reinforced Asphaltic Barrier



Blue Shield Poly-Coated Papers

Blue Shield Poly-Coated grades feature excellent moisture barrier extrusion coatings with varying level of tear resistance. Primary applications are industrial packaging of materials sensitive to moisture such as metal.

Grade PW - Poly Wrap - 50# Natural Kraft + 3/4 mil Clear LDPE

Grade RPW - Reinforced Poly Wrap - 50# Natural Kraft + Tri-D Scrim + 1 mil White LDPE

Grade GPW - General Purpose Wrap - White PE Coated, Reinforced Laminated Paper

Grade SW-40 - White PE Coated, Paper Backed Woven

Grade WW - Woven Wrap - White PP coated Woven

SuperBlack - Concrete Underlayment Product

All Poly Coated Products are available in standard widths up to 96" wide. Standard roll lengths are 300' and 600'; however, custom roll lengths can be accomodated.