Blue Shield Grade 3030Asphalt Laminated Barrier Paper

Blue Shield Grade 3030 is a high-grade flexible, semi-permeable moisture barrier designed for tile and wood flooring underlayment.

Product Literature

Product Features

  • Easy to Handle, Conform, and Cut
  • High Grade Asphalt for outstanding barrier


Grade 3030 is combination of 2 sheets of natural kraft paper laminated together with high-grade asphalt to create a water resistant duplex paper.

Blue Shield Grade 3030 is offered in the following widths and lengths:

  • Widths: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 96”
  • Lengths: 300’ and 600’

Custom sizing is available, contact Holland for more information.

Product Applications

When used as underlayment, Grade 3030 drastically reduces the transmission rate of moisture vapor by slowing the rate that moisture is introduced to the surface so damage can be avoided.

Grade 3030 also provides stabilization for wood flooring, which reduces noise.

Blue Shield Grade 3030 provides the perfect balance of moisture resistance and vapor permeability to prevent moisture from damaging interior surfaces.

Unlike poly films, Grade 3030 does not trap moisture condensation.  Plus, it is easier and cleaner to work with than felt paper, making it ideal for:

  • Concrete Curing
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Ammunition Barrier – MIL-SPEC
  • Nursery wrapping
  • Metal wraps
  • Any application where moisture vapor prevention is needed