Blue Shield Grade PWPoly-Coated Paper

Poly Wrap (PW) is a poly-coated kraft paper.

Product Literature

Product Features

  • Oil, grease, and water resistant barrier
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Good MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate)
  • Non-bleed, non-staining


Poly Wrap is high strength 50lb/3MSF natural kraft coated with 3/4 mil of extruded clear polyethylene.

Blue Shield Grade PW is offered in the following widths and lengths:

  • Widths: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 96”
  • Lengths: 300’ and 600’

Custom sizing is available, contact Holland for more information

Product Applications

Blue Shield Poly Wrap (PW) is an economical solution for moisture protection.

The high grade, 50lb natural kraft paper provides good strength and consistency.  The polyethylene coating offers a clear finish barrier layer. For applications that do not require the tear resistance of a reinforced grade, Poly Wrap is a good alternative.

  • Export Shipment Protection
  • Machine Part Wrap
  • General Metal Wrap
  • Floor Liner for Trucks and Rail Cars
  • Moisture Barrier Wrapping Paper