Holland’s custom printed labels come in a variety of innovative and creative options to really make your product stand out, including:

  • Coupon and promotional labels
  • Security labels for tracking and counterfeit
  • Removable label holder for totes, racks, and pallets
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Heat Seal Roll Lidding

We offer many substrate and adhesives options for all custom printed labels, such as:

  • Polypropylene and other film substrates
  • Thermal transfer
  • High and Semi-gloss
  • Vinyl

Holland has developed a wide variety of custom printed label options for several industries including:

These labels are perfect for boxes, bottles, and any other surface that involves indirect food contact.

Use Cases:

  • Food Labels
  • Beverage Bottle Labels
  • Canning Labels
  • Cup Labels
  • Folding Carton Labels
  • Flexible Wrap Labels
  • Film Bag printing

Learn more about how Holland services the food and beverage industry.

Food & Beverage Industry Products

Labels for Pharmaceutical customers undergo the strictest of quality standards. Holland is experienced and has a long record of servicing this industry. Our labels division is cGMP certified, which is established through the FDA.

We can generate labels that meet your specific use case, using materials that range from standard white paper stock and films.

Holland produces many products specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn about Pharmaceutical Industry Products

Holland offers a wide range of substrates, sizes, die cut patterns, and inks, allowing us to produce high quality labels for a variety of industrial applications. We can provide removable label holder to support warehouse and reusable containers.

Use Cases:

  • Equipment Labels
  • Pipe Marking Labels
  • Maintenance Labels
  • Low-Temperature Storage Labels
  • Bin & Shelf Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • Warehouse and Rack Labels
  • Electrical Panel Labels

Holland also produces standard size shipping and ID labels, that can either be generic/blank or branded for your business.

We also provide blank dot labels that our customers use for the organization and color coding of materials. Our color dot labels come in a wide range of sizes and colors to accommodate your needs. Applications include filing and organization in:

  • Offices
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Retail/wholesale
  • Industrial inventory

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