Holland Manufacturing offers the paper mill industry high-quality, cost effective solutions for packaging and protecting products.  Recognizing the importance of packaging to a paper mill’s operation, Holland’s sales and technical specialists are well-versed in the application of papermill packaging materials and can offer field support when required.


In order to eliminate the need and expense of glue-based packaging systems, Holland has engineered a heat sealable roll wrap that utilizes a heat bar.  This wrap is compatible with most manual wrapping systems and fully automated packaging lines.

Standard Grades:

  • 42 lb Heat Sealable
  • 56 lb Heat Sealable
  • 69 lb Heat Sealable

By utilizing a proprietary co-extruded heat seal coating, Holland produces roll header stock that enables better hot tack than traditional polyethylene coated headers.  This allows Holland’s Outside Extrusion Coated Header Stock to provide superior long-term protection.

Standard Grades:

  • 42# Header Stock
  • 50# Header Stock

Holland’s laminated roll wrap is a combination of two sheets of kraft linerboard join by a proprietary moisture barrier layer.  This construction provides durable external protection to rolls as well as outstanding moisture protection.

Standard Grades:

  • 26# Laminated Roll Wrap
  • 33# Laminated Roll Wrap