Blue Shield F22

Holland offers two grades of surface protection board to meet the demands of multiple protection requirements.  Blue Shield F22 is a 22 mil board product designed for industrial grade application where foot traffic and general job site rigors are present.

Product Literature

  • IMPACT: 22 mil thick, high density fiberboard protects against dents, digs and equipment movement.
  • DURABLE: Resists tearing and abrasion, F22 can withstand the most rigorous job site applications.
  • WATER RESISTANT: F22 features a water resistant, fiber chemistry temporarily holding out liquids.
  • BREATHABLE: Will not trap moisture that could lead to mold or curing issues of newly finished flooring.


Consists of a single ply, moisture resistant, recycled fiberboard

PRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core SpecificationLead Time
35″ x 100′ (292 sq. ft)522412783″ ID Core8 Business Days



Standard Size

SKUPRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core SpecificationDefault Wind DirectionLead Time
F2235x10035″ x 100′ (292 sq. ft)522412783″ ID CoreNA8 Business Days