Felt paper has long been the accepted standard in residential roofing underlayment. Synthetic roofing underlayment has exploded in popularity over the last 10 years and is now replacing felt paper in roofing projects around the world. The reasons are simple – the products are lighter, easier to install, safer to walk on and provide superior moisture barrier when compared with felt paper. Synthetic roofing underlayment can also remain exposed for several months before being covered with roofing.

Holland is a private label manufacturer of roofing underlayment materials for various roofing and building product partners. Holland does not market is own products in this market. Holland’s manufacturing capacity and capabilities allow for the production of synthetic roofing underlayments that can be proudly claimed to be MADE IN THE USA.

All synthetic roofing materials are constructed based on customer specifications and are rigorously tested by 3rd party testing services to adhere to ICC specification standards.

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