Recycled Kraft Board

Utilizing a 94% PCW Recycled Board, an economical barrier coated board for food packaging and industrial applications.

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White Top Recycled Kraft Board

Cost effective alternative to expensive solid bleached substrates, the White Top kraft substance is 84% PCW Recycled board and can be coated with several barrier options

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This features an extrusion coating that provides moisture and vapor resistance. Typically, the coating is clear polyethylene, but Holland has the ability to coat other types of resin for enhanced properties, colors, and surface finishes.


A mainstay in the folding carton market, Holland can provide barrier coated, Solid Bleached Sulfate Board.

Specialty Folding Carton Stock

  • Tear Resistant – This is a product that Holland can manufacture with several different types of films and scrims to add tear resistance while retaining proper folding forming and printable surfaces.
  • Velvet Wrap – Velvet Wrap is a lamination of the Kraftpak® paperboard and a lightweight tissue. The product is intended to be used as a protective liner that will protect fragile surfaces.

Holland can accommodate customers that would like to supply substrate for toll coating services.  Incoming roll width maximum is 103” and roll OD maximum is 60”.  Holland can accept rolls on 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” cores and prefers to supply rolls back on 6”, 8” or 12” cores at a maximum of 60” OD.  For one side coated products, the barrier coating will be wound in.

Folding Carton Stock

Holland offers Folding Carton Manufacturers with poly-coated and laminated products for added moisture barrier and custom surface properties. There are four primary products that Holland produces for this market