Grade Superblack – Reinforced Barrier Product

Blue Shield SuperBlack

Concrete Underlayment

Blue Shield Super Black is a concrete underlayment that provides a high level of moisture protection.

Product Features

  • Supplied in 96” wide rolls, this product is easily rolled out over the top of graded and compacted soil
  • The weight and quality of the product allows it to lay flat
  • Standard seaming tapes are used to overlap (6”) and seam the product
  • Economical and easy to install
  • When used underneath concrete slabs, the product provides a high level of moisture protection
  • Reinforced for enhanced durability on the job site
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  • Product Literature
  • Composition

    SuperBlack features high grade polymer coatings and fiberglass reinforcement for added durability.

    This product is offered in 96” x 250’ rolls.

    Physical Properties: 

    Water Vapor Permanence < 0.30 perms
    Water Resistance = 48 hours
    Tensile Strength

    • MD = 71 lb/in
    • CD = 41 lb/in

    Custom sizing is available, contact Holland for more information.

  • Product Applications


    It is advised to inspect the product, once applied, to ensure no punctures or tears have occurred during installation. After final inspection, concrete should be poured as soon as possible.

    SuperBlack is not recommended for vertical waterproofing applications. It is specially designed for underslab applications and can be used for the control of radon emissions.

    Follow installation procedures outlined in ASTM E-1643.


    Blue Shield SuperBlack is a reinforced, moisture barrier that is used underneath concrete slabs for moisture protection. Moisture protection is critical for underneath concrete slabs. Without protection, trapped moisture vapor can travel through concrete and cause significant damage and failure to flooring.


Additional information

Standard Sizes

48" x 250' (1000 sq. ft), 96" x 250' (2000 sq. ft)

Standard Size

SKUPRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core SpecificationDefault Wind DirectionLead Time
SB48x24048″ x 250′ (1000 sq. ft)424017102″ ID CoreScrim Side Out8 Business Days
SB96x25096″ x 250′ (2000 sq. ft)308024303″ ID CoreScrim Side Out8 Business Days