Rosin Paper


Rosin Papers are used for job site surface protection, as well as underlayment for wood or tile flooring. The economical composition of these papers is flexible and easy to handle, offering dust and dirt protection for a finished surface.

For higher levels of protection, please review our Blue Shield offerings.

Rosin Paper is a medium weight recycled Kraft sheet that provides an economical solution for surface protection or underlayment. Holland offers a complete line of red, brown and gray rosin papers.

Roll Size:

Widths: 36”
Length: 167’
Put Up: 83 rolls per pallet

Standard Sizes

Red Rosin
26″ X 167′
83 10.5 901.5
Brown Rosin
36″ X 167′
83 10.5 901.5
Gray Rosin
36″ X 167″
83 10.5 901.5

  • Easy to handle, conform and cut
  • Sized for light duty water resistance
  • Will not bleed in high moisture areas
  • Economical for temporary surface protection

  • Underlayment to provide separation between the subfloor and the finished flooring. This separation reduces the noise associated with poorly installed wood flooring.
  • Job site protection is critical to avoid damaging flooring from painting, and dust from construction projects. It also protects surfaces, such as countertops, doors, and windows.
  • Red Rosin Paper can also serve as roof sheathing, the first protection barrier layer, for built-up roofing systems.

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