Blue Shield F45

Holland offers two grades of surface protection board to meet the demands of multiple protection requirements. Blue Shield F45 is 45 mil board product intended for the most demanding job sites where heavy equipment protection and maximizing impact protection are required.

Product Literature

  • IMPACT: 45 mil thick, high density fiberboard protects against dents, digs and equipment movement.
  • DURABLE: Resists tearing and abrasion, F45 can withstand the most rigorous job site applications.
  • WATER RESISTANT: F45 features a water resistant, fiber chemistry temporarily holding out liquids.
  • BREATHABLE: Will not trap moisture that could lead to mold or curing issues of newly finished flooring.


Consists of a single ply, moisture resistant, recycled fiberboard1

PRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core SpecificationLead Time
38″ x 100′ (317 sq. ft)1650830CorelessIn Stock
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Standard Size

SKUPRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core SpecificationDefault Wind DirectionLead Time
F4538x10038″ x 100′ (317 sq. ft)1650830CorelessNAIn Stock