Blue Shield Grade 3560 Reinforced

Asphalt Laminated Paper

Blue Shield Grade 3560 is a high strength all-purpose waterproof laminated paper.

Product Features

  • Easy to Handle, Conform, and Cut
  • High Grade Asphalt for outstanding barrier
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  • Product Literature
  • Composition

    Grade 3560 is a combination of 2 sheets of natural kraft paper laminated with 60 lbs/3MSF of asphalt. 3560 is reinforced with a tri-directional pattern of fiberglass.

    Blue Shield Grade 3560 is offered in the following widths and lengths:

    • Widths: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 96”
    • Lengths: 300’ and 600’

    Custom sizing is available, contact Holland for more information.

  • Product Applications


    Our waterproof Grade 3560 has all the ingredients to excel where other products may fail.  It provides tremendous moisture protection, while adding an element of strength and durability.


    The double layer of fiberglass reinforcement provides excellent tear resistance and helps to create a product ideal for construction and building applications as well as heavy duty industrial packaging.

    Vapour Permeability:

    Grade 3560 is highly suitable for concrete curing by controlling the hydration period and thereby reducing premature cracking.  It aids in the proper curing period that is essential for the strength and eventual life of the concrete.

Additional information

Standard Sizes

24" X 300' (600 sq. ft.), 36" X 300' (900 sq. ft.), 48" X 300' (1200 sq. ft.), 60" X 300' (1500 sq. ft.), 72" X 300' (1800 sq. ft.), 96" X 300' (2400 sq. ft.)

Standard Sizes

HOLLAND IDPRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core SpecificationDefault Wind DirectionLead Time
356024X30024″ X 300′ (600 sq. ft.)722317062″ ID CoreNA8 Business Days
356036X30036″ X 300′ (900 sq. ft.)443515662″ ID CoreNA8 Business Days
356048X30048″ X 300′ (1200 sq. ft.)424719862″ ID CoreNA8 Business Days
356060X30060″ X 300′ (1500 sq. ft.)365821252″ ID CoreNA8 Business Days
356072X30072″ X 300′ (1800 sq. ft.)367025442″ ID CoreNA8 Business Days
356096X30096″ X 300′ (2400 sq. ft.)259323583″ ID CoreNA8 Business Days