Holland Manufacturing produces a complete line of water activated tape products.  There are many advantages to using water activated tape for carton closure, including:

  • Permanent carton closure
  • Pilfer proof for security
  • Durability and strength
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Closure appearance

With the recent growth of e-commerce purchases and parcel shipping, water activated tape has experienced a revival, with a focus on having a secure, pilfer-proof seal on packages being shipped by parcel services.  Whatever business you’re in, Holland can supply premium water activated tape product to meet any carton closure application.

Carton Closure

Holland Manufacturing Company provides tape dispensing equipment through our partnership with Phoenix Tapers.  Combine with our water activated tape products, Holland can provide you a packaging system that will assure consistent, secure and visually appearing closure to your carton.

Reinforced Tape

Reinforced water activated tape features fiberglass reinforcement for added strength and durability. Holland offers a variety of grades designed for closure of light to heavy boxes. The majority of water activated tape sold in North America today is reinforced.


Non Reinforced Tape

Unlike reinforced water activated tape, paper tape does not have fiberglass reinforcement. The ideal application for paper tape is cartons that will be palletized, and not shipped individually. Paper Tape is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.


Custom Printed Tape

Take your packaging to the next level by adding custom printing to your water activated tape. Holland has the ability to print a wide range of styles, from simple one-color prints to high definition, 6-color process printing on any of our grades of tape.


WAT Coupon

The WAT Coupon is a new promotional product for our water activated tape line. This type of water activated tape incorporates a redeemable coupon, which allows your business to promote marketing offers through your packaging.


Corrugated Box Tape

All purpose box tape is a premium box makers tape for the joints of corrugated boxes. The robust, reinforced construction and permanent bond of Holland’s water activated adhesive provides durable joint for specialty corrugated applications.


Tape Base Stock

If you run a converting or printing operation, Holland can supply gummed or ungummed tape base stock in a variety of grades and sizes.


Tape Machines

Holland is pleased to offer the complete line of McDonald’s Phoenix® water activated tape machines alongside our tape products. With several machine models available to meet varying levels of performance and budget, the Phoenix machine line can meet all water activated tape application requirements.