Holland Manufacturing’s wide range of materials and converting capabilities allows us to implement the most cost-effective process based on your product’s performance and application needs.

Our converting specialties include:

  • Rewind Slitting
  • Precision Die Cutting
  • Sheeting
  • Box Closure
  • Custom Packaging
  • Rewinding Slitting

    At Holland, we are experts at identifying the most appropriate slitting technique for your product and its application.  We know that each project has its own set of variables, so we will customize our process based on the thickness, material type, and application of your product, in order to achieve the highest quality possible.

    Type: Surface Winding – Shear or Score Cutting

    Width: 5/8″ to 120″ (1.58 cm to 3.04 meters)

    Core Options: 2″,3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 12″ ID

    Core or Coreless Winding

    Our narrow width slitting capabilities allow us to be able to service the most demanding printing applications, including:

    • Various paper grades and weights
    • Coated products
    • Composite laminated products
  • Precision Die Cutting

    Our die cutting services convert custom sized pieces with close tolerances.  Holland offers die cutting for the following materials:

    • Tape
    • Plastics
    • Labels and Tags
    • Other specialty products

    Other capabilities include:

    • Sheeting
    • Kiss-cutting
    • Butt-cutting
    • Custom Shapes
  • Sheeting

    Holland efficiently converts rolls of foil, papers, and other substrates into individual sheets.

    Sheeting Capabilities

    Width: 60” x 80”

  • Box Closure

    Holland Manufacturing Company provides durable seals with a comprehensive selection of sealers and tapes for both automated and manual operations.

    In addition, we also offer our Total Solution Packaging Station, to streamline your packing processes and organize all of your supplies for increased efficiency.

  • Custom Packaging

    Holland is focused to provide packaging that meets our customer’s requirements.  Private Label Branding, specialty labeling, specialize pallet put-ups, and various protective options can be designed to set your product apart from your competitors.

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