Blue Shield Grade PW

Poly-Coated Paper

Poly Wrap (PW) is a poly-coated kraft paper.

Product Features

  • Oil, grease, and water resistant barrier
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Good MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate)
  • Non-bleed, non-staining
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  • Product Literature
  • Composition

    Poly Wrap is high strength 50lb/3MSF natural kraft coated with 3/4 mil of extruded clear polyethylene.

    Blue Shield Grade PW is offered in the following widths and lengths:

    • Widths: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 96”
    • Lengths: 300’ and 600’

    Custom sizing is available, contact Holland for more information

  • Product Applications


    Blue Shield Poly Wrap (PW) is an economical solution for moisture protection.


    The high grade, 50lb natural kraft paper provides good strength and consistency.  The polyethylene coating offers a clear finish barrier layer. For applications that do not require the tear resistance of a reinforced grade, Poly Wrap is a good alternative.

    • Export Shipment Protection
    • Machine Part Wrap
    • General Metal Wrap
    • Floor Liner for Trucks and Rail Cars
    • Moisture Barrier Wrapping Paper


Additional information

Standard Sizes

24" X 600' (1200 sq. ft.), 36" X 600' (1800 sq. ft.), 48" X 600' (2400 sq. ft.), 60" X 600' (3000 sq. ft.), 72" X 600' (3600 sq. ft.), 96" X 600' (4800 sq. ft.)

Standard Size

SKUPRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core SpecificationDefault Wind DirectionLead Time
PW24X60024″ X 600′ (1200 sq. ft.)542413262″ ID CorePoly Side OUT8 Business Days
PW36X60036″ X 600′ (1800 sq. ft.)343611822″ ID CorePoly Side OUT8 Business Days
PW48X60048″ X 600′ (2400 sq. ft.)324811562″ ID CorePoly Side OUT8 Business Days
PW60X60060″ X 600′ (3000 sq. ft.)306018302″ ID CorePoly Side OUT8 Business Days
PW72X60072″ X 600′ (3600 sq. ft.)307221902″ ID CorePoly Side OUT8 Business Days
PW96X60096″ X 600′ (4800 sq. ft.)259624302″ ID CorePoly Side OUT8 Business Days