Holland Manufacturing provides a variety of custom coating, laminating, printing and converting capabilities, with a focus on quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

Holland’s unique combination of product mix, manufacturing technology, and industry experience provides our customers with a resource for custom solutions for web-based substrate applications. With a strong R&D focus, we have the ability to develop custom products to meet your functional and visual requirements. Holland’s ability to wide-width coat and laminate different materials, coupled with extensive converting capabilities, positions us to service several different industrial markets, including the building products and industrial packaging industries.

Holland’s commitment to quality and consistency is at the core of what we do, driving both our business and our processes. We ensure that each product meets our specifications and standards with continual testing and quality assurance methods. We strive to maintain 100% consistent quality throughout each and every order.

Our team is dedicated to delivering innovative products to the marketplace.  As a custom manufacturer, Holland is constantly making efforts to improve our capabilities to coat, laminate, print and converting different types of substrates of varying thickness, weights, and surface characteristics.

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