Holland Manufacturing Company’s Blue Shield line of products, like all of our products, are made in the USA.  They all feature poly-coated, non-asphalt and asphalt laminated papers, and synthetic materials.  Blue Shield products are utilized in industrial packaging, surface protection, metal protection, and many other applications.

Surface Protection Products

Blue Shield Surface Protection products provide durability and moisture protection for the job site.  Materials can be used to protect floors, walls, countertops, or any other hard surface.

Asphalt Barrier Papers

Blue Shield Asphalt Barrier Papers provide a semi-permeable, moisture-resistant barrier.  Unlike a poly-coating, asphalt barriers have higher MVTR ratings, allowing gradual transmission of moisture – ideal for flooring underlayment, concrete curing, and export packaging.

Poly-Coated Papers

Blue Shield Poly-Coated grades feature excellent moisture barrier extrusion coatings with varying levels of tear resistance.  Primary applications are industrial packaging of materials sensitive to moisture, such as metal.

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