Blue Shield XLTBlue Shield XLT


Engineered Temporary Surface Protection

The proprietary polymer coating on backside of the XLT has two distinct functional layers: barrier and skid resistance.  The Anti-Skid coating layer provides traction between the product and solid surface flooring; helping to reduce the product from shifting. Taping is still recommended.

Product Features

  • Impact Protection – 28 mil Thick
  • Spill Protection – Polymer Barrier
  • Highly Tear Resistant and Durable
  • Anti-Skid Surface – Wet or Dry
  • Debris & Dirt Capturing Surface
  • Easy to Handle, Cut & Tape
  • Extremely Flexible and Conformable
  • Offered in Labor Saving – 32”, 48”, 96” widths
  • 100% Recyclable & Reusable
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  • Product Literature
  • Composition
    Grade XLT is comprised of a thick and flexible fabric with a barrier coating, and anti-skid proprietary polymer coating that creates a unique fabric surface that is absorbent to liquids.
  • Product Applications

    Barrier Protection:

    Our proprietary polymer coating of the XLT has two distinct functional layers: barrier and skid resistance. The barrier coating layer provides an outstanding liquid barrier – far exceeding the performance of paperboard based products.

    Anti-Skid Walking Surface:

    XLT utilizes a unique fabric surface that is absorbent to liquids, without puddling in wet conditions.  This product is engineered to provide superior anti-skid properties in wet or dry conditions.

    Quick & Easy Installation:

    XLT has an excellent lay flat while the rolls are safe to handle. Installation is expedited by the wider width rolls that are easily cut and taped while being extremely flexible and formable.

Additional information

Standard Sizes

32" x 100' (266 sq. ft), 48" x 100' (400 sq. ft), 96" x 100' (800 sq. ft)

Standard Size

SKUPRODUCT SIZERolls per PalletRoll Weight (lbs)Pallet Weight (lbs)Core Speci-ficationDefault Wind DirectionLead Time
XLT32x10032″ x 100′ (266 sq. ft)84131086CorelessPoly Side OUT8 Business Days
XLT48x10048″ x 100′ (400 sq. ft)4219822CorelessPoly Side OUT8 Business Days
XLT96x10096″ x 100′ (800 sq. ft)423816143″ ID CorePoly Side OUT8 Business Days