While e-commerce selling has opened countless new revenue streams for many businesses, it has also opened many new challenges.  For example, safely delivering valuable goods to your customer is an often overlooked aspect of the e-commerce transaction.  To ensure your customers receive your products without the risk of theft or tampering, your business needs to use water activated tape.

Advantages of water activated tape:

  • Proven Security
  • Theft Prevention
  • All Weather Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Printable Surface

Water Activated Tape is designed to create a superior seal on your cartons while providing advantages that other carton sealing methods do not.  In order to apply water activated tape, the user needs to use a specially designed water activated tape dispenser.  Holland has developed in partnership with Phoenix Papers to provide users a cost-effective packaging setup called the Total Solution Packaging Station.  Watch the video to the right to learn more.

Proven Results

With the surge of e-commerce, industry-leading companies like Amazon, Target, Lowe’s, Victoria Secret, StitchFix, and Crate & Barrel have committed to using Water Activated Tape, and many subscription box services have followed suit. Just a single strip of Water Activated Tape is all that’s needed to properly seal a carton and render it tampering evident.

Water Activated Tape vs. Plastic Tape

When sealing a carton with regular plastic packing tape, the tape adhesive struggles to migrate into the fibers of the corrugated box. This creates a weak seal that makes the tape easy to remove. Theft during the transport process is far too common with packages sealed this way. One can simply press down on the box and slide a hand in to remove contents from the carton without any visual damage being done to the carton itself. Water-activated paper tape only requires one strip to secure a carton. Each strip of tape fuses to the fibers of the corrugated carton. Any tampering with the seal is easily visible and hence discouraged.

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