The secure delivery of a packaged item has to be a priority for any shipper.  Holland can help with high-quality carton closure tapes & equipment, void fill, protective barrier materials, custom labels.  Additionally, Holland can supply our packaging expertise to help you optimize your packaging process – saving both time and money.”

Holland has the ability to cater to any of your packing needs.  Whether you need efficient reliable carton sealing, barrier protecting industrial wrapping material, or labeling requirements, Holland can provide you high-quality products.

Holland’s packaging solutions are the following:

Water Activated Tape

Water activated tape (WAT) has quickly become the standard for packagers that are shipping via a parcel service. The robust reinforced construction and adhesive that permanently bonds to the box provides shippers the security, professional appearance and efficient packaging method that outshined other closure types.

Custom Printed Tape

Holland Manufacturing Company offers customizable printed water activated tapes that make product packaging stand out, to increase brand recognition when the customer receives a package.

Void Fill

Void fill is an important and often overlooked part of any package.  Holland provides a complete line of quality, bio-degradable void fill papers including bogus paper, packaging tissue, newsprint, virgin and recycled kraft papers.  Cost effective, clean and environmentally friendly are the principles the Holland has selected for our void fill options.

Protective Barrier Papers

Not everything is packaged in a box.  For crating and overseas transit packaging, Holland provides a variety of moisture barrier and tear resistant materials as part of our Blue Shield product line.


Holland Manufacturing produces high-quality labels and printed tapes for use in a variety of applications.  Our capabilities for 6-color printing, narrow-width slitting, and die cutting allow us to quickly and cost-effectively produce diverse designs and formats in our modern, climate-controlled production facility.  We also feature a wide selection of coatings, adhesives, and materials that can be custom tailored to meet the specifications and performance needs of your product.


Holland Manufacturing has a variety of equipment options to increase your packaging efficiency.  We offer the complete line of McDonald’s Phoenix® water activated tape machines alongside our Total Solution Packaging Station.  Our packaging station is designed to be efficient, durable, and ergonomically correct, for quicker and more efficient carton packing.  Watch the video to the right to learn more.

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