Medium Weight Kraft Saturated with Asphalt

Blue Shield Grade AS is a single ply saturated asphalt paper

Product Features

  • Easy to Handle, Conform, and Cut
  • High Grade Asphalt for outstanding barrier
  • Meets UU-B-790a, Type 1, Grade 2, Style 2 specification.


  • Product Literature
  • Composition
    Grade AS is a 60# Natural Kraft Paper saturated with 15#of asphalt.  Blue Shield Grade AS is offered in the following widths and lengths:

    • Widths: 36”
    • Length: 144’
    • Put Up: 94 rolls per pallet
  • Product Applications

    Moister Protection:

    Grade AS is a semi-permeable barrier paper, which allows for moisture to slowly transfer to and from the flooring.  Since Grade AS helps to control moisture transmission, this product can mitigate the chances of the flooring to buckle, warp, or crack due to drastic changes in moisture.

    Slip Layer:

    Grade AS provides separation between the sub-floor and the finished flooring.  This separation reduces the noise associated with poorly installed wood flooring.