Benefits of Non-Adhesive Labeling with Banding

Many consumer products are packaged using non-adhesive labeling and banding. This method can be a great way to maintain your products’ structural integrity without compromising your visual brand. Here are just a few of the benefits of non-adhesive labeling with banding:

Keeps Products Cleaner

Adhesive labels attract dirt and debris, which can alter the appearance of your product. Adhesive-free labeling ensures that your packaging is clean and inviting, and banding helps maintain the functionality and integrity of your package.

Better for the Environment

Banding, in particular, is environmentally friendly. A variety of recyclable materials and sustainable options are available, including biodegradable and compostable materials. And while ordinary adhesives can clog the machinery involved in the recycling process, non-adhesive labels can be recycled with ease.

Varied Materials

Adhesive labels typically rely on some form of plastic or polymer. But banding allows you to use paper or a wide array of other materials. You can choose pre-printed designs or showcase your brand, as well as select from eco-friendly or FDA-approved materials.

Adaptable for Multi-Packing

Banding is ideal for packaging multiple consumer products together since it’s stronger than traditional adhesives. The tension used to hold products together offers sufficient strength for packaging multiple product types, making it ideal for creating kits or other consumer packages.

Easy to Implement

Making the switch to non-adhesive banding is easier than you think. You can easily integrate the process into just about any production line, which minimizes the amount of manual labor or equipment you rely on.

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