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    • What is the heaviest box your are closing?
      Why do we ask this? Holland produces a wide range of reinforced and non-reinforced water activated tapes. By knowing your heaviest box weight, we can recommend a grade of tape that can secure seal that box weight.
    • Are your packages bound for parcel shipping?
      Why do we ask? If your are shipping via a parcel service, we recommend reinforced tape.
    • What color tape do your prefer?
      Holland produces both natural kraft and pure white tape. Most users select the tape color to match the color of their boxes.
    • What is Top Coat Varnish
      Top Coat Varnish is a surface treatment applied on top of the printed graphics. Holland recommends top coat varnish for printed tapes with ink coverage in excess of 50%. Top Coat Varnish will add a semi-gloss finish to the tape surface and add protection against ink rub. Top Coat Varnish is a minor upcharge.
    • How do I place a Purchase Order
      Email your purchase order to If you are a new customer, our team will work with you to set up your account. You will receive an immediate email from our team that we have received your order and a formal confirmation within 24 hours.
    • Does Holland Manufacturing take credit cards?
      No, Holland will look to establish credit with your company and sell to you on Net 30 days terms if your credit is approved.
    • How can I make sure the selected ink colors are going to looking right?
      Holland can supply upon request an ink swatch with the ink applied to the tape to show you how the color will look on your printed tape.
    • What do I do if the artwork proof is not correct?
      Contact Holland and advise of the required changes. If you are not sure about the changes, our customer service team can walk you through options to help design the tape to your requirements.
    • How do I re-order in the future?
      Holland will provide you a confirmation of your order with a unique part number that is dedicated to your printed tape. If more tape is required you can reference this number and send additional purchase orders to

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