Elevate Your Productivity With Carton Sealing Automation Solutions

Introducing automation technologies to your packing and shipping workflow is an excellent way to increase efficiency and up your productivity. While there are many exciting automation solutions available, one of the most impactful is automated carton sealing technology.

Automated carton sealing machinery significantly reduces your reliance on manual labor and allows your facility to quickly and securely seal thousands of packages per day. Although automated carton sealing equipment has been available for years, recent advancements have made it more accessible and efficient than ever.

Modern carton sealing machinery can accommodate water-activated tape — a huge benefit to your business. 

Why Use Automation Equipment That Accommodates Water Activated Tape?

Investing in automation equipment that accommodates water activated tape enables your organization to:

Increase Productivity

Water activated tape creates a secure, tamper-proof seal on your cartons. By automating placing this tape on your cartons, you can increase productivity and maximize your facility’s daily output.

Decrease Packaging Costs

Automation technology allows you to reduce your reliance on manual labor and cut your packaging costs. Automated carton sealing equipment provides a strong return on investment and leads to thousands in annual savings. 

Reduce Waste

Water activated tape is recyclable, making it a far greener option than traditional carton sealing options such as plastic-based tape. When you pair water activated tape with automated carton sealing technology, you can limit product waste, as your equipment will place a precise amount of tape on each package. 

Where to Find Water Activated Tape

Whether you have already invested in automated carton sealing technology or are considering doing so, it is important that you have a reliable water activated tape supplier to support your efforts. Enter Holland Manufacturing, a leading industrial packaging material supplier.

Ready to Place Your Order?

Holland Manufacturing has a broad selection of cost-effective water activated tape solutions, including standard options and custom-branded products. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of water activated tape, contact us online or call us at 800-345-0492.