Everything You Need to Know About Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are a critical tool in the retail industry. Modern folding cartons are simple storage solutions that provide:

Product Protection

At the most basic level, folding cartons protect your product from exposure to the elements. They also guard against abrasive forces that may be present during the journey to points of sale. 

However, folding cartons must be paired with quality packaging adhesives to ensure that they adequately protect the products stored within them. Otherwise, the cartons may open during transit, offsetting any protections they provide.

An Advertising Medium

Folding cartons are also a great advertising medium. You can use folding cartons to relay important information about your product to consumers. These advertisements can reveal what your product does, its intended use case, and more.

You should pair your packaging with custom-printed tape to boost your carton-based advertising. Think about it — what good is investing money in beautiful folding cartons, only to seal them with unsightly brown tape? 

By simply upgrading from generic tape to a custom-printed alternative, you can create a more cohesive experience for your target audience. 


The third and final function of folding cartons is to store your products during transit and at the point of sale. By storing your products in a folding carton, you can ensure that all auxiliary components remain with the key item until the time of purchase. 

Folding cartons also make it easier for distributors and other supply chain members to store your products while shipments await delivery to retailers. 

As you can see, folding cartons play a key role in protecting your products and marketing to your target audience. With that in mind, it is critical that you invest in quality cartons and packaging materials, like those provided by Holland Manufacturing.

Finding the Right Packaging

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