Key Differences Between Corrugated and Folding Cartons

Corrugated and folding cartons are two of the most common packaging solutions you’ll encounter when choosing product boxes for your business. The question is, which solution best fits your needs? 

To help you answer that question and make an informed ordering decision, we’re providing a closer look at the key differences between corrugated and folding cartons.

Pros and Cons of Folding Cartons

The primary appeal of folding cartons is the thickness of the material (or lack thereof). Folding cartons are thinner than their corrugated counterparts. As such, they’re lighter and take up far less shelf space. They can also incorporate various branding elements, including stamping, embossing, and texturing.

However, folding cartons have two major downsides. Since they are thinner, they offer less protection than corrugated boxes and can generally only be used once.

Pros and Cons of Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated cartons are much thicker than folding cartons. Consequently, they’re heavier but provide much better protection for your products. They can incorporate some branding elements, such as your company logo. However, stamping or embossing them tends to be more difficult. 

Additionally, corrugated cartons can be reused several times. As such, they can offer long-term cost savings, though the initial per-unit cost is usually higher when compared to folding cartons. 

Because they’re so much thicker than folding boxes, corrugated cartons will take up more space on your shelves. Therefore, you might not be able to carry as much packaging material inventory and may need to reorder supplies more frequently. 

Choose the Right Carton Solution for Your Business

Both folding and corrugated cartons offer distinct advantages and drawbacks. Fortunately, an experienced packaging materials supplier like Holland Manufacturing can help you choose the ideal solution for your needs. 

If you need assistance selecting the right cartons for your business, contact Holland Manufacturing at (800) 345-0492 or request a quote online.