Paper Based Materials – The Key to Sustainable Packaging


Paper Based Materials – The Key to Sustainable Packaging

In the 21st century, retail has been completely transformed. E-commerce evolution has changed the way products are packaged and shipped. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and very particular about what they need and how they need it. Hence, packaging has assumed a far greater significance in the art of retailing than ever before. In fact, even the hospitality industry is witnessing a transformation in the manner of packaging and delivery of food items after the arrival of food delivery apps.

Irrespective of the product you purchase or whether you do so online or from a physical store, there are numerous parameters that a packaging is judged on. While the first and foremost purpose of packaging is to ensure that the product reaches the customer without any damage or spillage, it is also important for it to effectively display the branding of the company.

Further, the packaging has to be customer friendly. Nobody wants to grapple with a package that is sealed like a bank vault. It has to be sturdy, safe, yet easy to open. Another packaging factor that can endear a brand to its customers is the recyclability of the packaging material. If it can be reused or recycled then it is likely to win more loyalty and positive feedback from the customers.

This is exactly what our Bogus Paper can do for you. It is created by using a mixture of recycled Kraft paper, newsprint, industrial tissue paper as well as various other types of used and recycled paper. Since we make Bogus Paper out of these 100% recycled materials, no trees are required to be cut for it, and it helps in bringing down the carbon footprint. Hence Bogus Paper rolls are not only great to use, but, contribute towards a sustainable environment.

We also offer you the highly affordable and environment-friendly, Bogus Kraft paper rolls which are made from 100% recycled Kraft paper mixed with newsprint. It is an excellent product. It is a comparatively more sturdy paper and can be of great use while wrapping books, electronic products, boxes etc to ensure that the package is protected from scratches. It is extensively used in packaging of a wide range of products all over the country. Another great thing about our Bogus Kraft paper rolls as well as other eco-friendly packaging materials is that they are all manufactured in USA and not imported.

Another highly environment-friendly product that is widely used in ecommerce shipments today is our Water-Activated-Tape (WAT). It is an incredibly beneficial product and is preferred by businesses that work on a ‘quality first’ principle. If you can overlook the cost comparison between our Water-Activated-Tapes and the conventional plastic, pressure-sensitive-tapes (PST), then you would discover that WAT offers several great benefits such as:


Superior Product Protection:

Upon application, the Water-Activated-Tape bonds strongly to the carton and becomes a tamper-proof seal for the shipments. It is an effective measure to prevent occurrence of ‘lost-in-transit’ incidents and the costs incurred on re-shipping the goods. If you are an online retailer then ‘thefts’ not only cost you the product’s price, but, also damage your goodwill, and those costs can be really high.

Less Material Wastage:

Conventional plastic pressure-sensitive tapes often don’t seal the carton securely and multiple layers have to be applied. It is not uncommon to see some of the packages being turned into a mummy to protect them. Water Activated Tape (WAT) is made of paper, adhesives and strengthen by reinforcing fiberglass filaments. Upon being activated with water, its starch based adhesive merges with the carton, providing a permanent bond with the package. Only one strip of tape is used to secure the package, thus, resulting in less material wastage which in turn makes these tapes more economical to use despite a higher per foot cost compared to the typical plastic tapes.


Plastic tapes might not be such a great protection against heat exposure, but, water-activated tape is extremely durable, and it can resist dirt, freezing cold or extremely hot weather conditions.


Water activated tape is produced mainly of paper, a sustainable resource. In proper waste stream, water activated tape applied to a corrugated carton is recyclable. If your brand emphasizes sustainability and environment protection, our water-activated tapes are an ideal carton closure method. Thus, if you are a brand that emphasizes on sustainability and environment protection then our water-activated tapes are an ideal packaging material for you.

At Holland Manufacturing, we are committed to offering packaging products that are affordable, high-quality and environment-friendly. If you are a business looking to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions, then you can try our products by visiting us at :

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