The All-Use Placard is a placeholder for another label.  When affixed to a bin, rack or reusable container, a descriptive label can be applied on top of the All-Use Placard then easily removed with no adhesive residue.

Product Literature

Product Features

  • Substrate: 2 mil OPP or PET Film
  • Adhesive: All Temperature Permanent Adhesive
  • Printing: “Place Label Here” – Other options are available
  • Standard Sizes:
    • 3” x 5”
    • 4” x 6”
  • Label Count per Roll: 500 All-Use Placards

How It Works

  1. The All-Use Placard is a 2 mil OPP or PET film
    label with an aggressive adhesive.
  2. The All-Use Placard is affixed to a revolving
    use location such as a bin, rack or container.
  3. The Placard is printed with “Place Label
    Here” directing users to label over the All-Use
  4. The descriptive label is securely affixed to the
    All-Use Placard – providing a detailed
    description to the bin, rack or container.
  5. Removing the descriptive label is achieved
    with no adhesive residue left behind.

Product Applications

All-Use Placard can be die cut to any size to fit your specification.

Cost of cleanup and washing of containers is eliminated. Keeps containers neat and clean.

All Use Placard can be affixed to a variety of surfaces such as racks, pallets, and all kinds of Reusable Containers.

Neatly applied All-Use Placard Labels can organize your storage system.

All Use Placard can handle a variety of labels such as bar codes, shipping labels, label instructions, RFID chips.