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  1. Holland Manufacturing Co. Partners with DocuSign to Provide Customers More Efficient Printed Tape Ordering Process

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    Holland, a leader in producing water activated tape for the packaging industry, has announced its collaboration with DocuSign to enhance the customer’s experience during the approval process of newly designed printed tape.

    Holland has recently deployed the utilization of the Docusign platform to streamline the artwork and specification approval process for printed water activated tape. The intention
    of partnership with DocuSign is to build an intuitive, time efficient method for the customers to review printed tape proof information and electronically sign for approval. Accuracy, time savings and effective communications were the motivation for the Docusign program.

    How it benefits our customers?

    Time Saving

    The Docusign platform allows for the customer and Holland’s internal staff to be part of a well-designed workflow. Information is presented to customer and upon approval multiple departments with Holland are simultaneous notified of approval so that tooling, materials and schedules can be arranged to reduce lead time.

    Right, The First Time

    There are no second chances with custom printed products. Accuracy is required and the effective communication of all specifications and artwork is critical to ensure the customer and Holland agree of what is going to be produced.

    Save Paper, Save Time, Save Effort

    Everything here is done digitally, starting from initiating order to the final customer’s review and approval. When paperwork is eliminated, you enhance speed, reduce effort and reduce the need to printing, scanning and emailing.


    The Docusign platform is a cloud based, share database. This allows Holland to manage the artwork process as a team rather than working with a single individual. All proofs are stored and can be easily modified by any of our customer service team members.

    Newly Design Printed Tape


    How the process is carried out?

    1. Customer supplies Holland with a purchase order for tape with requested artwork.

    2. Holland prepares the specifications and artwork proof and sends through the DocuSign program for approval.

    3. Upon the customer’s approval, notice is provided to Holland’s staff immediately to order tooling, supplies, and schedules the production of the order. Holland has decades of experience and is a renowned name in manufacturing packaging supplies and the custom printed packaging materials. If you are looking for Packaging Solutions for your company or you are a distributor interested in our products contact us for more information: https://www.hollandmfg.com/contact-us/


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