6 Reasons to Use Waterproof Paper Instead of Laminating

Laminating paper provides durability, but the process can be time-consuming. Why not switch to waterproof paper? Here are six reasons why waterproof paper is superior to laminating.

1. Time Savings

Running paper through a laminating machine takes time — and manpower. Depending on the quality of your machine, you could also face paper jams and other delays during the process. Waterproof paper allows you to print or write directly on the surface without these extra steps.

2. Superior Image Quality

Laminated materials can take on an artificial, glossy appearance and can produce a glare that obscures the document’s message. Waterproof paper retains the look and feel of paper while providing water resistance. This means you don’t have to choose between durability and professional quality.

3. Cost Savings

Even a basic laminating setup will cost you money, and the materials you produce may still need to be replaced over time due to wear. In contrast, waterproof paper needs no additional equipment. Furthermore, high-quality paper won’t need to be replaced frequently, making it a more cost-effective option.

4. Durability

Waterproof paper is designed to withstand water, chemicals, grease, and other hazards, making it more durable than most forms of laminated paper. This also makes waterproof paper a clear choice for documents used in harsh environments.

5. Versatility

Where can you use waterproof paper? Just about anywhere. That’s why waterproof paper is ideal for menus, maps, outdoor signs, instruction manuals, and more. And because you don’t need to go through additional lamination steps, you can print more copies quickly and use this paper for a wider range of applications.

6. Sustainability

Laminated paper relies on plastics and polymers that are challenging to recycle. Waterproof paper is often made from recyclable materials, and its water-based coatings are better for the environment than laminated materials.

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