7 Ways to Fix Banding Issues

Banding issues can be incredibly frustrating. Whether they won’t adhere to your products or are fastened so tightly that they actually damage your goods, any problem with banding can decrease the productivity and profitability of your business. The good news, though, is that fixing banding issues is usually quite simple. 

If your business has been plagued by banding issues, we recommend that you try the following:

  • Adjust Band Length

If your bands are either too long or too short, they will not adhere to your products properly. Bands that are too short will likely not adhere properly or, worse, crush your products. On the other extreme, using bands that are too long is just plain wasteful.

  • Adjust Band Width

An overly narrow bandwidth can be detrimental to your products as well. Remember, the wider the surface area, the better the pressure of the band is distributed across the product. Using a wider band is especially important when banding together fragile products that could easily be damaged by too much tension. 

  • Switch Adhesives

Most banding solutions use ultrasonic technology to bind the two ends of the band together, though some do use mild adhesives. If your current banding techniques are not working for your product packaging, consider switching to another solution with a better adhesive. 

  • Modify Band Tension

Modifying the tension settings on your banding equipment is a simple-yet-effective way to correct banding issues. If tension is too high, equipment will damage products, break the bands, or both. Conversely, if tension is too low, bands will not be tight enough and will be more prone to slipping off.

  • Transition to a Different Material

Durable plastic bands are a good choice for more rugged products that are not as susceptible to damage. On the other hand, paper bands are probably the better choice for more fragile products. If your current banding material is not working out, replace it with something that is more suitable for your products. 

  • Partner with a Reputable Manufacturer

The most effective way to solve banding issues is to partner with a reputable material manufacturer. Efficient banding starts with quality packaging materials, so if your current provider manufactures bands of inconsistent quality, it may be time to connect with a partner like Holland Manufacturing.

  • Contact Holland Manufacturing

Holland Manufacturing can help you correct banding issues by providing you with high-quality packaging materials. To learn more, request a sample or contact us for a quote by calling (800) 345-0492.