A Guide to High-Quality Converted Paper

Paper conversion is the process of transforming raw paper materials into finished, usable products. Paper-converting processes can be used to create consumables like paper towels or notebook paper. Converting is also responsible for creating industrial packaging papers and wraps.

Paper Converting Stages

The number of stages involved in the paper-converting process will vary depending on the product being created and the raw materials the manufacturer uses.

For instance, if a manufacturer is creating small rolls of paper from a larger roll, conversion involves only a single step. Conversely, if a manufacturer starts with a raw product like paper pulp, the process will involve numerous stages.

Some of the potential steps of a converting process include:

  • Collecting raw fibers
  • Turning the fibers into pulp
  • Straining, bleaching, and flattening pulp into a roll of paper
  • Cutting the large roll into manageable segments
  • Shaping each small roll into specific sizes and shapes
  • Treating or otherwise altering the paper to create a finished product

The purity of the raw materials and the sophistication of the machines employed during the converting process will significantly impact overall paper quality. The type of adhesives used will also influence paper quality and performance.

With that in mind, it’s critical that you partner with a reputable manufacturer when sourcing packaging paper and other industrial-use paper products. Choosing the right manufacturing partner will ensure that you receive top-quality paper products that reflect positively on your business.

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