Benefits of Case Sealers

Keeping your shipments protected requires the right supplies and equipment. Case sealers can be used for your industrial packaging needs. A case sealer sometimes called a box or carton sealer, is used to seal boxes during the packaging process. Using a case sealer can provide benefits such as the following:

Cost Savings

Case sealers can cut down on the cost of labor and materials. Your employees will spend fewer hours sealing packages by hand, and you’ll use less tape. Furthermore, by using a case sealer, you’ll minimize the need for re-taping, reducing waste.


Case sealers greatly increase your throughput, which means that you can handle more customer volume. And because your workers are not focusing on sealing cases manually, you can reallocate your employees to other, more important tasks.


Case sealers essentially let you produce more with less packaging and less re-taping. As a result, you’ll be able to handle greater output while seeing a reduction in your overhead costs. The costs you incur will be more predictable, helping you manage your operating budget with greater consistency.


When workers aren’t manually taping up each box, there’s less chance of a workplace injury. That applies to everything from cuts and immediate incidents to long-term injuries due to repetitive stress.


Since they mean you won’t have to worry as much about re-taping or performing the same tasks all over again, case sealers can reduce stress. That’s not only good for your operating budget but for the environment as well.

Brand Image

A professionally sealed case can improve your brand image. Customers and clients will appreciate the attention to detail, which can build higher levels of engagement in the future.

Finding the Right Partner

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