Best Floor Protection Method

When you tackle a big project for one of your customers, you must protect their floors. The last thing you want to do is cause accidental damage, ruining your reputation and cutting into your profit margins. 

The question is, what’s the best method for protecting your customers’ floors? Here are three great options to consider.

1. Plastic Tarps

Plastic tarps are a cheap and easy way to cover floors. You can use them on carpets, tile, laminate, and more. They provide a water barrier, and you can easily cut them to size. 

However, tarps can be a bit slippery, and some tarps are a little on the thin side. If there is a lot of movement, your tarps might not hold up.

2. Carpet Film

Carpet film is similar to tarps in that it is made from plastic-like materials. However, high-quality carpet film from Holland Manufacturing comes in easy-to-manage rolls, not huge sheets. Our carpet film is also 2.5 millimeters thick and has pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. 

Holland Manufacturing’s carpet film gently sticks to carpets, which prevents them from shifting or creating slippery work conditions. Due to the added thickness, your team can freely move around without worrying about tears or rips. 

3. Floor Protection Board

If you want the best floor protection, floor protection board products are the way to go. Paper board is thicker and more resilient to foot traffic than plastic, making it great for demolition, remodels, painting, and more. 

Holland Manufacturing offers two different floor protection boards, including a 22-millimeter and 45-millimeter option. While the 22-millimeter option is great for most projects, the 45-millimeter board is the pinnacle of floor protection. 

Don’t Settle for Less 

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