Best Types of Wood Flooring Underlayment

If you want to provide an exceptional installation experience for your customers and boost your brand image, it’s vital that you choose the right wood flooring underlayment. High-quality underlayment can absorb sound, add stability, and minimize unevenness. 

There’s a variety of different wood flooring underlayment options available, including plywood, foam, felt, rubber, and cork. However, vapor-retarding paper products are generally considered to be the best underlayment option for wood and tile floors.

Vapor-retarding paper underlayment provides critical moisture protection, which can preserve the life of genuine hardwood floors and prevent the development of mold or mildew. Additionally, paper-based underlayment offers excellent noise suppression properties, which leads to a better customer experience.

Key Attributes of Paper-Based Wood Flooring Underlayment

Paper-based wood flooring underlayment is designed to control the flow of moisture. To this end, our products feature a semi-permeable layer that prevents wood flooring and subflooring from becoming too moist. This feature reduces the risk of warping, buckling, and rotting.

Additionally, our paper-based wood flooring underlayment provides noise suppression benefits, which is particularly important when installing floor materials on second and third-story rooms. 

All Holland paper is manufactured in North America using only the highest-quality materials. As such, our wood flooring underlayment exhibits superior durability and performance under a diverse range of conditions.

Contact Holland Manufacturing to Place Your Order

Holland Manufacturing offers two vapor-retarding paper products: Blue Shield AS and Blue Shield Grade 3030. Both products are economical and designed to control the flow of moisture to prevent warping, buckling, and rotting.

If you’d like to learn more about our selection of vapor-retarding wood floor underlayment, contact the Holland Manufacturing team by calling us at (800) 345-0492 or requesting a quote online. You can also order a sample to ensure that our wood flooring underlayment is the right fit for your project.