Choosing the Right Protection to Prevent Paint Spray and Spills

Paint spills or overspray can ruin your client’s floors, tarnish your brand reputation, and cost your company thousands. Therefore, it is vital that you take extra precautions to prevent paint spray or spills from reaching your client’s belongings.

Kraft paper is the go-to paint spill prevention solution for most paint crews. However, not all kraft paper is created equal. Bottom-dollar options are prone to tearing, ripping, and creasing. This could mean leaving your client’s floors exposed.

To achieve optimal protection, you need to source your floor protection products from a reputable provider like Holland Manufacturing. We provide several great paint spill prevention solutions, including:

Reinforced Kraft Paper

Reinforced kraft paper provides exceptional spill and overspray protection during new construction or renovation projects. This inexpensive yet effective solution protects carpet, granite, tile, wood, and other flooring materials from damage. 

Holland Manufacturing’s reinforced kraft paper forms a water, grease, and oil-resistant barrier. It is a non-staining, non-bleeding solution, which keeps the paint from seeping through the barrier — even if the spill goes unnoticed. 

Woven Reinforced Kraft Paper

Our woven reinforced kraft paper has a woven design and is laminated to provide even more protection. It offers superior forming characteristics. As a result, you can easily fold it without damaging the barrier or cracking the material.

Woven reinforced kraft paper is a good option if paint crews are working alongside other contractors. It can hold up to high volumes of foot traffic and will even withstand the weight of equipment like sprayers, generators, and hand trucks. 

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