Everything You Need to Know About Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated tape can be a simple, affordable alternative to traditional packaging tape. Here’s everything you need to know about the material:

Water-Activated Tape: What Is It?

Water-activated tape (WAT) is a form of packaging tape that contains synthetic fibers woven through it. As a result, it is much stronger than other forms of tape, and it can be reinforced with additional layers of paper and fibers. Like other forms of packing tape, though, WAT is printable, which means companies can affix their logo to their packages and properly showcase their brands.

How Does Water-Activated Tape Work?

WAT has a chemical adhesive on one side that activates when water is applied, allowing the tape to adhere to another surface. 

To use WAT, you can simply wet it using a sponge, then cut it to fit, or you can use a WAT dispenser, which wets and cuts the tape to allow packers to apply the tape more efficiently.

Removing the tape is easy, as well, though once withdrawn, it cannot be reapplied. Be that as it may, that aspect actually makes it easier to identify when packages have been tampered with, offering companies and customers an added layer of security.

Advantages of Water-Activated Tape

WAT offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • A stronger bond than traditional packaging tape
  • An environmentally-friendly, recyclable packing solution
  • Visible tamper protection against theft and damage
  • Customizable options so companies can showcase their brands

In addition, since the tape offers a strong, durable bond, companies can use less of it to send their packages, thereby lowering their operating costs as well as the amount of waste they produce.

Get a Quote or Sample

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