Guide to Barrier Packaging for Your Products

Keeping deliveries fresh is essential for perishable products. When a customer receives a meal kit, CBD oils, beer, or any other items that can spoil when exposed to the elements, they expect their shipment to be properly protected. 

How Barriers Make the Difference

Barrier packaging is what keeps sensitive and perishable items from harm or spoiling during transit. Barriers are usually made from a variety of materials in many levels of thickness, depending on the needs of the package. 

Often, coated films keep these items from making contact with the environment, though cooling packs may still be needed for temperature-sensitive products.

So what do barriers do?

Protect Against Moisture

For products that are sensitive to humidity and moisture, an impermeable protective barrier is crucial. It can be in the form of a pouch, bag, or a properly sealed film roll.

Keep Out Contaminants

Bacteria and viruses, as well as non-organic contaminants, can ruin a shipment. When food or other perishable items come into contact with harmful substances, they can quickly become contaminated.

Block Light

Not every barrier will do the job of blocking light — that’s usually up to the outside packaging  — but preventing light, especially UV light, from reaching certain products is essential for their longevity. Beer, for example, will become spoiled and taste unpleasant given too much light exposure.

Preserve Desirable Attributes

Cosmetic products, such as perfumes, are purchased solely based on their aroma. Without proper protective packaging, they can leak and lose what makes them so special.

Barrier Materials

Common barrier materials include polypropylene, or PP, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Each of these is food-safe and can prevent UV light exposure. They can be made to be layered and flexible or in rigid sheets, and they can also be added to paper or cardboard. Sometimes aluminum is used to add more oxygen and light protection. Don’t forget to seal your boxes with reliable tape, too!

Protecting Perishables with Holland Manufacturing

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