How Custom-Made Laminate Can Have a Big Impact

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Off-the-shelf solutions can appear to meet your needs and help you keep overhead costs low. However, investing in custom alternatives can differentiate you from the competition and ensure the product meets the unique needs of your organization. This is particularly true when it comes to packaging products and liners.

By replacing generic packaging, liners, or carton stock with custom-made laminate products, you can deliver a better experience for your customers in a variety of ways.

Benefits of Custom-Made Laminate Products

There are a multitude of benefits associated with custom-made laminate products. By investing in custom laminate materials, your business can:

  • Decrease the Risk of Damage to Manufactured Goods

Ensuring your products make it to their final destination in perfect condition is one of your top priorities. Packaging your goods in custom-made laminate products can provide better protection than generic, one-size-fits-all options and reduce the likelihood of damage during transit. 

  • Improve the Customer Experience

Whether you operate in the B2C or B2B verticals, none of your customers want to receive a package that is crushed, broken, or otherwise damaged. 

Custom-made laminate goods — like folding carton stock and paper mill packaging — can provide a better customer experience by improving both the performance and aesthetics of your product containers.

  • Reduce Product Return Rates

Reducing product return rates can improve profitability and decrease the strain on your supply chain. Custom-made laminate products reduce the risk of damage during shipping, thereby decreasing the likelihood of damage-related returns. 

Custom-Made Laminate from Holland Manufacturing

Investing in custom-made laminate means investing in a better experience for your customers and more profitability for your business.

Holland Manufacturing offers our co-extrusion coating and laminating services to clients in a wide range of verticals. Some common uses cases for our laminate products include:

  • Folding carton stock
  • Building products
  • Paper mill packaging
  • Metal and industrial packaging
  • Corrugated barrier liners

If you need to source high-quality, custom-made laminate products for your business, turn to Holland Manufacturing. Request a quote online, or contact us directly by calling (800) 345-0492 today.