How to Choose the Best Label for Your Packaging

When your package arrives at your customer’s doorstep, it is vital that you leave a great first impression. If they are greeted by a properly packaged item that is stored in a box with a crisp, clean label, you have accomplished your goal. 

However, if the label or packaging did not withstand the journey to its destination very well, the end recipient may form negative perceptions about your company.

With that in mind, it is critical that you choose the best label for your packaging. Doing so will not only help you reinforce your brand image in the minds of your consumers, but it will also decrease the likelihood that your package gets misrouted during transit. 

Without the vital delivery information included on the packaging label, the carrier does not know where to route your items. When selecting labels for your packaging, you should consider factors like:


If a package will be subjected to harsh environments while in transit, you had better invest in some quality labeling materials. Custom printed labels are typically more durable and can hold up better than generic alternatives. 

Package Shape

Oddly shaped packages might be more difficult to label. However, it is vital that you place the label in a conspicuous location so that shippers and other parties can easily find the information they need to complete the delivery. Once again, custom-printed labels offer the best solution available. 

How the Package Will Be Handled

Is the package being designated as fragile? Will it be transferred multiple times during the delivery process? Is the package quite large and cumbersome?

All of these factors will impact how the package is handled and how much abuse the label will need to endure. 

Picking the Right Products

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing a label. That is why you should partner with an experienced label manufacturer like Holland Manufacturing. If you would like personalized assistance or are ready to learn more about our custom label printing services, call our team directly at (800) 345-0492 or complete a quote request online.