Materials Contractors Want to Have on Hand

General contractors will need a broad array of tools and equipment, as well as a diverse skill set. Additionally, contractors should have some key materials on hand at all times so that they can effectively serve their customers.

While the exact list of materials that each contractor needs will vary, it is typically a good idea for them to keep the following items in stock:

Surface Protectors

Surface protectors are a must-have material for most contractors. These surface protectors prevent a client’s flooring from being damaged while the contractor works in the home or commercial building. Modern surface protectors are available in a variety of different thicknesses and materials, depending on the needs of the contractor.


When installing tile, wood, or laminate flooring, contractors must place a moisture-controlling barrier between the unfinished surface and the product. 

Quality underlayment materials not only limit moisture penetration but also offer noise suppression benefits as well. In addition, underlay can maximize the lifespan of flooring installation.  

Carpet Film

Carpet film contains a mild adhesive that offers improved protection and stability when used in carpeted areas. This clear film can prevent the carpet from being damaged by debris, dirt, dust, or paint on a job site.

The materials listed above are just a few examples of products that you may need as a contractor. If you are looking for a reliable materials provider, Holland Manufacturing can help. You can request a quote online or call our team directly at (800) 345-0492.