Protecting High Traffic Areas During Construction

Construction and renovation projects are meant to make your property look better. With that in mind, how do you prevent spills or damage during construction? Here are a few options for protecting high-traffic areas while you work.

Kraft and Rosin Papers

Kraft and rosin papers can offer a basic layer of protection for high-traffic surfaces. Both form inexpensive barriers to dust and debris during construction efforts. Rosin paper can also double as an underlayment for tile or wood flooring.

Reinforced Kraft Papers

Kraft papers form an inexpensive barrier to tile, wood, or laminate flooring, protecting against dust, spills, or other light damage. You can also upgrade to reinforced papers for additional protection — some even provide fire resistance.

Floor Protection Boards

Laminate, wood, and tile floors can also benefit from floor protection boards. These products form a heavier, more durable barrier against spills, foot traffic, and even damage from construction equipment. This makes them a preferred choice for builders and renovators looking for superior protection.

Carpet Film

Carpets are especially susceptible to dirt, debris, and paint spills, to say nothing of the wear and tear that comes from moving furniture or equipment across a carpeted floor. Carpet film is a thin, inexpensive barrier that shields against spills and dirt and provides basic protection from rips caused by moving objects across a carpeted floor.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials can also be used for carpeted surfaces. Some materials provide skid protection to protect both the floor and your workers. The best ones offer moisture protection to prevent mold, mildew, or other forms of water damage.

Finding the Right Barrier for Your Project

Which product is best for your job site? The answer depends on the surface you want to safeguard and whether you’re seeking protection against traffic alone or dirt, dust, scratches, and paint spills as well. Contact Holland Manufacturing at (800) 345-0492 today to explore your options.