The Advantages of Using Coated Paper

When dealing with materials that are sensitive to moisture, coated paper represents a valuable tool for improving the integrity and longevity of products being transported and stored. Coated paper fills a multitude of needs, from serving as pallet liners and floor liners for trucks and rail cars to lumber wraps and even concrete under-slab barriers.

Organizations in a wide range of industries consistently turn to coated paper. That’s because this product provides a host of advantages, including the following:

Enhanced Moisture Protection

One of the primary benefits of coated paper is its exceptional moisture barrier properties. For materials sensitive to moisture, like metal, the slightest exposure can lead to corrosion and damage. 

Coated paper provides a protective shield. It prevents moisture ingress and maintains the product’s quality during transportation and storage. 

Durability and Strength

Coated paper is also incredibly durable. This strength is vital for protecting goods in transit, especially when used as liners in trucks and rail cars. In those use cases, heavy goods are moved and can easily damage less sturdy materials. 

The durability of coated paper also makes it an excellent choice for concrete under-slab barriers. It helps in this application by providing a reliable protective layer against moisture and wear. 


Despite its superior protection and durability, coated paper remains a cost-effective packaging solution. It offers an economical alternative to more expensive materials without compromising on quality or performance. This affordability makes it an attractive option for a wide range of industrial packaging needs. 


Increasingly, industries are seeking sustainable packaging solutions, and coated paper fits the bill. It is more environmentally friendly than plastic-based options, contributing to reduced environmental impact. In addition, its biodegradable nature, coupled with the possibility of recycling, aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability in packaging choices. 

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