What Is the Most Efficient Way to Tape a Shipping Box?

Whether you’re running an online business or sending a gift to a friend, ensuring the safety and security of the items you are shipping is vital. Properly taping your shipping box ensures that your package arrives in good condition. So what’s the most efficient way to tape a shipping box? Find out in this guide. 

Choose the Right Tape

The first step is choosing the right tape. Packing tape is specifically designed for shipping purposes. It is strong and adhesive, making it the best option for securing your packages. Avoid using duct, masking, or other types of tape that might not provide enough strength and durability.

When selecting packing tape, ensure it’s wide enough and has a strong adhesive. Consider a paper-based option to avoid using wasteful plastics. Additionally, consider using a tape dispenser to make the application process faster and more efficient. 

Apply the Tape Properly

Once you have the right tape, the next step is to apply it properly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to confirm your box is securely sealed:

  • Fold the bottom flaps and seal them with a piece of tape running down the center seam 
  • After placing your items inside, add the padding you need and close the box
  • Seal the top flaps by applying a strip of tape along the center seam
  • If your item is heavy or bulky, consider reinforcing the edges and corners

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently tape your shipping box and minimize waste. 

Source Your Tape From Holland Manufacturing

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