What Is Water Activated Tape?

Water-activated tape (WAT) is a paper-based tape. The adhesive is dry to the touch until it is activated by water. Once water contacts the adhesive, it becomes tacky and can easily adhere to cardboard boxes. The sole use for WAT is to secure corrugated cardboard boxes. 

There are several variations of water-activated tape, including non-reinforced and reinforced options. The non-reinforced option features a water-activated adhesive and a paper backing. The more robust form of WAT includes polyester or fiberglass reinforcement that is placed between two sheets of paper to provide added strength. 

Non-reinforced water-activated tape is suitable for lightweight packages and boxes. Reinforced WAT can be used on heavier parcels. There are a number of benefits to using either type of WAT.

Benefits of Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated tape is a go-to adhesive solution in the e-commerce space. Here’s why:

WAT Is Sustainable

As an increasingly large number of brands and consumers become more environmentally conscious, there has been a major push to limit plastic usage — WAT is paper-based, making it a sustainable alternative to plastic-based products.

It Is Secure 

Water-activated tape’s adhesive actually seeps into the fibers of corrugated boxes, creating a tamper-proof seal that keeps packages secure.

Water Activated Tape Can Be Branded 

As an added benefit, water-activated tape can be branded, making it a useful marketing tool that can enhance the customer’s experience.

Together, water-activated tape, corrugated boxes, and paper packing materials provide a secure and environmentally friendly way of shipping goods to your customers. 

Order Your Water Activated Tape Today

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages associated with using water-activated tape. That is why it is so popular in the e-commerce space. 

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