What to Know About Flooring Underlayment Before You Buy

When taking on a flooring project, it’s easy to become hyper-fixated on the floor material itself. While the quality and aesthetic of the flooring material do matter, so does the underlayment. Indeed, underlayment plays a pivotal role in the longevity and comfort of your flooring. Before you buy it, it’s vital that you learn more about this important material.

Purpose of Underlayment

Underlayment serves several essential functions, including:

  • Comfort: Provides cushioning to make the floor more comfortable to walk on
  • Insulation: Uses insulation to keep the room warm and lower energy costs 
  • Soundproofing: Reduces sound transmission, especially in multi-story buildings 
  • Moisture Protection: Can offer a moisture barrier that prevents water damage
  • Smoothing Subfloor Imperfections: Can smooth minor subfloor imperfections

As you can see, underlayment is much more than just padding. It can also help extend the life of floors, prevent mold buildup, dampen sound, and make flooring more comfortable. 


There are multiple types of underlayment, each of which is suited to different flooring materials and applications. Some common underlayment materials include:

  • Foam: Often used with laminate flooring, as it is affordable and easy to install
  • Cork: Great for soundproofing and insulation but can be more costly 
  • Rubber: Best for high-traffic areas, such as commercial environments  
  • Felt: Good for hardwood, as it is a denser material with superior soundproofing and insulation 

When evaluating underlayment types, you need to consider factors like what flooring you are installing, the amount of traffic the area will receive, and your budget. 

Need Underlayment? Order Yours Today

At Holland Manufacturing, we provide two high-quality underlayment products: Blue Shield AS and Blue Shield Grade 3030. Both offer exceptional vapor retiring qualities and an economical price point. If you’d like to learn more, connect with our team online or call us at (800) 345-0492.