Why Use Custom Printed Tape?

Are you looking to add a little flair to your brand’s packaging? If so, consider investing in custom-printed tape. Doing so will help you accomplish the following mission-critical goals.

Improve the Customer Experience

Customers don’t want to receive bland, boring boxes with standard brown packaging tape. They want a memorable experience that excites them. 

If you ship goods directly to consumers, remember that presentation matters. Branding elements can go a long way in improving the unboxing experience and encouraging repeat business. Custom-printed tape is the first step.

As soon as consumers see a package with your branded tape on their doorstep, they’ll realize their much-anticipated order has arrived. Talk about starting on the right foot!

Stand Out From the Competition

The arena of consumer sales has become more competitive than ever. Delivering great products and providing exceptional customer service are great ways to stand out. However, you need every advantage you can get. 

Elevating the unboxing experience with high-quality packaging and custom-printed tape helps you do just that. Custom packaging materials serve to position your brand as unique and committed to user satisfaction.

Keep Packages Secure

Custom-printed tape doesn’t just look great. It performs great, too, especially when you order your tape from a reputable provider like Holland Manufacturing.

We can print tape in multiple styles, from single-color options to six-color high-definition tape. We can keep it as simple as you’d like or provide various high-end options.

As an added benefit, our tape is paper-based, which can reduce your environmental impact. It’s more eco-friendly than all-plastic options and is easy to work with.

Order Your Custom-Printed Tape Today

Are you ready to upgrade to custom-printed tape? If so, Holland Manufacturing can help. We offer superior products, competitive pricing, unmatched customer service, and rapid turnaround times. Contact our team at (800) 345-0492 for a free quote, or order a sample of custom-printed tape today.