Why Use Talon Tape for Bulky and Heavy Packaging?

When securing bulky and heavy packaging, it’s vital to choose the right tape. While there are many options offering the durability required for use with heavy, bulky packages, Talon Tape is by far the best solution. 

Talon Tape features a three-inch-wide band reinforced with fiberglass to withstand heavy loads. But that’s not what makes it unique. 

Talon Tape’s most notable feature is that it includes PSA strapping with non-adhesive hand grip locations. These areas are positioned in such a way that they provide workers and customers with a natural, ergonomic handle. 

Due to Talon Tape’s fiberglass reinforced design, the material can support objects as heavy as 100 pounds. If desired, you can even use multiple strips of Talon Tape to create additional hand positions.

Benefits of Talon Tape

Gripping awkwardly shaped or bulky boxes pose a challenge for warehouse personnel, retailers, and customers alike. Traditionally, individuals attempting to move a bulky box would have to grip it unnaturally, use auxiliary straps, or bring in a hand truck.

With Talon Tape, the box can easily be grabbed without resorting to any outside equipment or unnecessary tactics. The ergonomically positioned hand grips allow a single person or duo to safely and efficiently lift boxes of virtually any size.

Talon Tape doesn’t just make lifting bulky or heavy packages more convenient. It can also be customized to match your brand logo’s color scheme and other design elements.

Order Your Talon Tape from Holland Manufacturing

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