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Job Site Surface Protection – More Important than Ever!

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  1. Job Site Surface Protection – More Important than Ever!

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    With the ever-rising cost of labor and materials, unexpected damage leading to replacing or repairing finished surfaces on the job site is a disaster for contractors. Proper surface protection on the job site is a necessity for all quality-oriented, financially wise contractors.

    The days of throwing down a $5 roll of red rosin paper to protect the floor are over. Prudent contractors are turning to more premium surface protection solutions to save time and protect their bottom line.

    Trends in flooring have shifted more towards hard surfaces with expensive stone, wood and more recently engineered hard surfaces. These surfaces tend to be more expensive and less forgiving to construction impacts than carpet. The need for impact protection has led to the dramatic rise of surface protection paperboard. These high caliper, heavy-duty paperboard products have taken the market by storm and are now widely accepted and trusted by contractors across the country.

    At over 40 mils thick, commonly used surface protection boards do offer excellent impact protection for hard surface flooring. It would be hard to argue that floor paperboard does not offer some peace of mind in the event of a construction mistake, like dropping a hammer or moving a ladder. There is a tremendous amount of marketing hype for these products with fancy names, printed characters, claims of special moisture barrier characteristics, etc. It’s all very convincing and the marketing efforts have taken hold. Truth be told, the product does work well. Even the creative advertising for simple sizing (adding starch) in the paperboard, does hold out water and liquid long enough for you to clean up the spill. However, be aware these paperboard products are not true barrier products; liquids will penetrate them if enough time passes.

    Despite the undisputed advantages of high caliper floor protection paperboard products, there are some major disadvantages. First, unless you are moving heavy equipment on the floor, you probably do not need a 45 mil, thick paperboard. The product is heavy and difficult to handle. Conforming the material, overcoming the roll set curl of the roll and difficulty to cut the material all make is more time consuming to apply and more expensive. For many 45 mil, thick paperboard is simply put, Overkill.

    With these advantages and unfortunate disadvantages of high caliper paperboard in mind, Holland Mfg. has designed a new product called Blue Shield F22. F22 is a 22-mil thick moisture hold  out, paperboard made with the same fiber construction as our heavy gauge F45, 45 mil thick floor paperboard. At 22 mil, F22 is easier to conform, position and secure to the floor. The product still offers temporary moisture hold out similar in performance to the F45 board. Moving F22 rolls around the job site is much easier with a roll weight of 24 lbs. (half the weight of a F45 roll). Additionally, the product is less expensive.

    No one would question that 45 mils of paperboard offers more impact protection than a 22-mil product. However, besides impact protection, other characteristics of the F22 board are nearly identical to the F45. At 22 mil thick, the F22 would never be considered thin in the surface protection world. The product is 2.5 to 3 times thicker than standard flooring papers like rosin papers or 50# kraft paper.

    The surface protection paperboard product is popular and with new additions of lightweight options like F22, it will be a more user-friendly, properly gauged solution for many more construction projects.

    Holland’s Blue Shield F22 Board is offered in 35” x 100’ rolls and is currently available. Featuring a water resistant, high density fiber construction, F22 might be the right sized surface protection product for your upcoming renovation or construction job site.

    For more information about Blue Shield F22, please visit: /products/blue-shield-industrial-products/surface-protection-products/surface-protection-board/


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    About Holland Manufacturing Company:

    Holland Manufacturing Company Also Offers / Provides Products like Water Activated Tape, Blue Shield Industrial Products, Specialty Coated and Laminated Products, Custom Printed Labels & Tags, Industrial Paper Products, etc.

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  2. Holland Manufacturing Co. Partners with DocuSign to Provide Customers More Efficient Printed Tape Ordering Process

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    Holland, a leader in producing water activated tape for the packaging industry, has announced its collaboration with DocuSign to enhance the customer’s experience during the approval process of newly designed printed tape.

    Holland has recently deployed the utilization of the Docusign platform to streamline the artwork and specification approval process for printed water activated tape. The intention
    of partnership with DocuSign is to build an intuitive, time efficient method for the customers to review printed tape proof information and electronically sign for approval. Accuracy, time savings and effective communications were the motivation for the Docusign program.

    How it benefits our customers?

    Time Saving

    The Docusign platform allows for the customer and Holland’s internal staff to be part of a well-designed workflow. Information is presented to customer and upon approval multiple departments with Holland are simultaneous notified of approval so that tooling, materials and schedules can be arranged to reduce lead time.

    Right, The First Time

    There are no second chances with custom printed products. Accuracy is required and the effective communication of all specifications and artwork is critical to ensure the customer and Holland agree of what is going to be produced.

    Save Paper, Save Time, Save Effort

    Everything here is done digitally, starting from initiating order to the final customer’s review and approval. When paperwork is eliminated, you enhance speed, reduce effort and reduce the need to printing, scanning and emailing.


    The Docusign platform is a cloud based, share database. This allows Holland to manage the artwork process as a team rather than working with a single individual. All proofs are stored and can be easily modified by any of our customer service team members.

    Newly Design Printed Tape


    How the process is carried out?

    1. Customer supplies Holland with a purchase order for tape with requested artwork.

    2. Holland prepares the specifications and artwork proof and sends through the DocuSign program for approval.

    3. Upon the customer’s approval, notice is provided to Holland’s staff immediately to order tooling, supplies, and schedules the production of the order. Holland has decades of experience and is a renowned name in manufacturing packaging supplies and the custom printed packaging materials. If you are looking for Packaging Solutions for your company or you are a distributor interested in our products contact us for more information: https://www.hollandmfg.com/contact-us/


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    About Holland Manufacturing Company:

    Holland Manufacturing Company Offers / Provides Products like Water Activated Tape, Blue Shield Industrial Products, Specialty Coated` and Laminated Products, Custom Printed Labels & Tags, Industrial Paper Products, etc.

    Talk to us on- 1-800-345-0492 Or FAX: 1-973-598-6233 Or Email us at info@hollandmfg.com

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  3. Water Activated Tape: everything you need to transform your packaging

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    E-commerce and retail are on the rise. According to UNCTAD, the global e-commerce market size was $29 trillion in 2017 and is growing at 13%. The United States remains the largest online retail market in the world with nearly $9 trillion of sales in 2017. Since e-commerce relies solely on effective delivery of products at the customer’s doorsteps, packaging can be the game-changer for the online retail industry. Shipping volumes are on a rise year-on-year, and there is a rapidly rising demand for faster, safer and more cost-effective ways of sealing cartons before they are shipped out. There are two major types of tapes that are currently being used by e-commerce firms to secure their packages: the plastic pressure-sensitive-tape (PST) which sticks to the surface of the package; and the water-activated-tape (WAT) or gummed tape.

    Water-activated-tape vs plastic pressure-sensitive-tape

    Plastic tapes

    Pressure-Sensitive Plastic Tape has long been a popular closure method for corrugated cartons.  Pressure Sensitive Tape is comprised of a plastic film coated with an acrylic or hot melt based pressure-sensitive adhesive.There are a number of reasons why the plastic pressure-sensitive tape is no longer the best option for the retailers or e-commerce companies that deal with huge shipment volumes.

    1. A lot of wastage: The conventional plastic tapes don’t strongly bond with the package. Thus, multiple layers of the tape often need to be added to secure a package leading to a lot of wastage.
    2. Clumsy finish: Since the conventional plastic tape needs to be applied multiple times and usually manually, the eventually mummified package might not look very neat or professional.
    3. Not good for the environment: The damaging impact of plastic on the environment is well-known and companies/people are rapidly moving away from using plastics especially single-use ones like these tapes. This is also a major reason why these tapes are losing their relevance today for e-commerce packaging.


    WAT is also commonly referred to as the gummed tape. This is manufactured by using paper that has reinforced crossing synthetic fibers and a water-activated adhesive that bonds to the box’s surface. Water Activated Adhesive is not chemical-based.  One of the great points about WAT is that the adhesive is plant-based – most commonly corn or potato-based. There are different types of this tape and they can be used to secure light or heavy packages.

    How does WAT work?

    To effectively use this tape, you need to use a water-activated-tape-dispenser. There are various types of such dispensers and the most basic of these wets and cuts the tape. The packaging crew then applies the tape to the shipping carton. It instantly bonds with the external surface of the box, merging into the surface of the carton. WAT’s unique capabilities make it a highly beneficial packaging solution on multiple counts.

    Benefits of WAT

    1. Safety: American retailers and e-commerce companies, as well as their customers, continue to grapple with theft from packages as well as theft of whole packages. At times, the thieves systematically press down the top of the carton, making the conventional pressure-sensitive tape give way, and the thieves are able to pull products out of the box. Subsequently the box flaps, then spring back up and stick to the tape, making the theft go undetected until later when the package is opened by the end-receiver. Since the water-activated-tape merges with the surface of the carton, this technique of stealing is ineffective on it. The only way to open packages sealed with this type of tape is to cut open the box which will expose the theft.
    1. Custom branding option: One of the greatest advantages of WAT is that it is a custom-water-activated-tape that can not only secure your packages but also serve as a branding tool. You can get customized water-activated-printed-tape featuring your logo, caption or any other image/color pattern that you want. This will not only make your package look neater and more professional but also serve as an advertisement for your brand.
    1. Economical: A WAT strongly bonds with the package, and just one single application of the tape is adequate. It prevents wastage significantly, thus bringing about the economy into play for businesses that regularly need to ship out a large number of packages.
    1. Rough and tough: WAT is usually the most durable type of packaging tape available in the market. Unlike conventional plastic pressure-sensitive-tape, WAT can survive harsh handling and climatic conditions like dust, dirt, extremely warm or cold areas. It is this durability that makes WAT such a popular packaging solution in the contemporary markets.

    Types of WAT

    There are two major types of WAT used by businesses depending upon the type of package and its weight.

    1. Non-Reinforced WAT – The standard water-activated-gummed-paper-tape is generally made by using a single layer of pure kraft paper with biodegradable, natural starch-based adhesive and it is best suited to secure the light-weight packages and cartons.
    1. Reinforced WAT – The other type of WAT is the reinforced version. It is made by combining two or more layers of pure kraft paper sandwiching glass fiber reinforcement filaments that make this variety of tape much stronger and capable of sealing heavy packets.

    Types of WAT Dispensers

    Just how WAT types differ from each other in terms of their usage, there are two types of dispensers used for such tapes depending upon the usage volumes.

    1. Manual WAT dispenser: It is always in the best interest of a company to choose their equipment according to the need. In case you are looking for an entry-level dispenser with low cost and you only have low-to-moderate needs of packaging then you must choose the manual dispenser. It is not only cheaper but also ideal to familiarize yourself with the WAT.
    1. Electronic WAT-dispenser: If you are a business with a high volume of packages on a regular basis, it is best advised to use an electronic dispenser for your packaging needs. This leads to automation which makes it easier-faster and more economical for your teams to seal a large number of cartons in less time. As one of the leading water-activated-tape manufacturers, Holland sells the Phoenix range of WAT Dispensers which have the great build quality and a good-looking ergonomic design that makes them an ideal partner of a packing station or a business counter.

    We are partners with the McDonald Company Machines who manufacturers these dispensers.  We do sell the tape machines along with the tape allowing new users of WAT an economical, fully supported solution to using the product.

    While it is completely up to you to decide which type of WAT dispenser is adequate to meet your requirements, if you regularly need to ship a large number of cartons then there are a number of benefits that electric water-activated-tape dispensers offer you.

    1. Ability to cut the tape to pre-determined lengths: As discussed above, WAT can prove to be economical in comparison to the regular pressure-sensitive-tapes courtesy of the reduced consumption. That’s where it is crucial to ensure consistency of tape length as it will help in making the tape more affordable and less tape on a box will improve the packaging aesthetics for a customer.  Unlike the manual taping where you will need to estimate the required length for each piece of tape, the electric WAT dispensers give the operators the option to choose various pre-set and customizable lengths. The ideal taping advice would be to measure the length of the carton and add an extra six inches to provision for the overhang on either side of the carton to make it a strongly sealed package. Hence, if you have to secure a carton of 12 inches length, you should use an 18 inches long strip of tape.
    2. Easier to seal cartons: One of the advantages of the electric tape dispensers is their ability to reduce the number of movements needed to seal a carton. It has been reported that an electric WAT dispenser can offer more than 20% faster service compared to manual WAT dispenser or some other hand-held tape guns and pressure-sensitive tapes.
    3. Less tiring for the packers: The reduction in carton movement facilitated by an electronic water-activated-tape dispenser makes work easier for the packer. It not only increases the packing speed but also reduces the burnout.
    4. Reduced risk of injury: By using electric WAT dispensers in packaging and shipping processes, it is possible to reduce the injuries to the carpal tunnel syndrome. Quite often it is reported that employees complain of such injuries while working on long shifts dealing with a high volume of packages. The major e-commerce companies have already been switching from the manually hand-held tape guns to the electric WAT dispensers so that they can eliminate the costly medical bills and the hiring/training costs which are caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

    In conclusion

    WAT is an ideal solution for modern businesses that focus on higher productivity and sustainability. As iterated above, it has a number of advantages over the conventional plastic pressure-sensitive-tapes. Not only that, it is quite easy to make the switch to this type of tape, and you get to enjoy instant benefits. Your packaging team will become more efficient, less fatigued, and your packages will not only look aesthetically better, but they will also be safe from pilferage and less prone to transit thefts and damage. Further, you can use these packaging tapes as advertisements for your business by getting the custom printed-water-activated-tapes. Also, adopting WAT for your packaging tasks doesn’t make your conventional tape and tape-guns go waste. Apart from carton packaging, there are a number of other areas where plastic tape continues to be the right choice. Hence, you can use these two types of tapes strategically and in a complementary way. As one of the leading manufacturers and WAT suppliers Holland can be your ideal partner for your WAT and dispensers’ requirements. For further queries and information, please contact 1-800-345-0492.

    About Holland Manufacturing Company

    At Holland Manufacturing, we are committed to offering packaging products that are affordable, high-quality and environment-friendly. If you are a business looking to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions  then you can try our products by visiting us at: https://www.hollandmfg.com/contact/contact-us/request-a-sample/

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  4. Paper Based Materials – The Key to Sustainable Packaging

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    Paper Based Materials – The Key to Sustainable Packaging

    In the 21st century, retail has been completely transformed. E-commerce evolution has changed the way products are packaged and shipped. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and very particular about what they need and how they need it. Hence, packaging has assumed a far greater significance in the art of retailing than ever before. In fact, even the hospitality industry is witnessing a transformation in the manner of packaging and delivery of food items after the arrival of food delivery apps.

    Irrespective of the product you purchase or whether you do so online or from a physical store, there are numerous parameters that a packaging is judged on. While the first and foremost purpose of packaging is to ensure that the product reaches the customer without any damage or spillage, it is also important for it to effectively display the branding of the company.

    Further, the packaging has to be customer friendly. Nobody wants to grapple with a package that is sealed like a bank vault. It has to be sturdy, safe, yet easy to open. Another packaging factor that can endear a brand to its customers is the recyclability of the packaging material. If it can be reused or recycled then it is likely to win more loyalty and positive feedback from the customers.

    This is exactly what our Bogus Paper can do for you. It is created by using a mixture of recycled Kraft paper, newsprint, industrial tissue paper as well as various other types of used and recycled paper. Since we make Bogus Paper out of these 100% recycled materials, no trees are required to be cut for it, and it helps in bringing down the carbon footprint. Hence Bogus Paper rolls are not only great to use, but, contribute towards a sustainable environment.

    We also offer you the highly affordable and environment-friendly, Bogus Kraft paper rolls which are made from 100% recycled Kraft paper mixed with newsprint. It is an excellent product. It is a comparatively more sturdy paper and can be of great use while wrapping books, electronic products, boxes etc to ensure that the package is protected from scratches. It is extensively used in packaging of a wide range of products all over the country. Another great thing about our Bogus Kraft paper rolls as well as other eco-friendly packaging materials is that they are all manufactured in USA and not imported.

    Another highly environment-friendly product that is widely used in ecommerce shipments today is our Water-Activated-Tape (WAT). It is an incredibly beneficial product and is preferred by businesses that work on a ‘quality first’ principle. If you can overlook the cost comparison between our Water-Activated-Tapes and the conventional plastic, pressure-sensitive-tapes (PST), then you would discover that WAT offers several great benefits such as:


    Superior Product Protection:

    Upon application, the Water-Activated-Tape bonds strongly to the carton and becomes a tamper-proof seal for the shipments. It is an effective measure to prevent occurrence of ‘lost-in-transit’ incidents and the costs incurred on re-shipping the goods. If you are an online retailer then ‘thefts’ not only cost you the product’s price, but, also damage your goodwill, and those costs can be really high.

    Less Material Wastage:

    Conventional plastic pressure-sensitive tapes often don’t seal the carton securely and multiple layers have to be applied. It is not uncommon to see some of the packages being turned into a mummy to protect them. Water Activated Tape (WAT) is made of paper, adhesives and strengthen by reinforcing fiberglass filaments. Upon being activated with water, its starch based adhesive merges with the carton, providing a permanent bond with the package. Only one strip of tape is used to secure the package, thus, resulting in less material wastage which in turn makes these tapes more economical to use despite a higher per foot cost compared to the typical plastic tapes.


    Plastic tapes might not be such a great protection against heat exposure, but, water-activated tape is extremely durable, and it can resist dirt, freezing cold or extremely hot weather conditions.


    Water activated tape is produced mainly of paper, a sustainable resource. In proper waste stream, water activated tape applied to a corrugated carton is recyclable. If your brand emphasizes sustainability and environment protection, our water-activated tapes are an ideal carton closure method. Thus, if you are a brand that emphasizes on sustainability and environment protection then our water-activated tapes are an ideal packaging material for you.

    At Holland Manufacturing, we are committed to offering packaging products that are affordable, high-quality and environment-friendly. If you are a business looking to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions, then you can try our products by visiting us at : https://www.hollandmfg.com/contact/contact-us/request-a-sample/

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    About Holland Manufacturing Company

    Holland Manufacturing Company Offers / Provides Product like Water Activated Tape, Blue Shield Industrial Products, Specialty Coated and Laminated Products, Custom Printed Labels & Tags, Industrial Paper Products etc.

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