How Custom Printed Tape Can Benefit Your Business

Custom printed tape is a tape that bears your company’s logo and namesake. Investing in a high-quality, water-activated tape that has been customized for your business might seem unnecessary at first. However, this simple and affordable move offers several great benefits for your business. 

Specifically, your business can use custom printed tape for: 


In the ultra-competitive modern marketplace, your business needs to leverage any advantage it can to differentiate itself from other companies in your vertical. Custom printed tape is a simple yet effective way of doing just that.

Think about it. Do you want to send your products to customers in bland, boring packaging that is sealed with traditional brown tape? Or, do you want to give that box a little flair with a vibrant strip of tape that sports your company logo? 

Seems like an easy call to us. Those few extra dollars that you invest in custom printed tape can help you leave a lasting impression on first-time clients and repeat customers alike.


If you operate in a sector that values traceability, the custom-printed tape is a valuable tool. You can not only include your company name and logo on your custom tape, but you can add information like batch identification numbers as well. 

This tactic is especially popular in the food and beverage industry, as these organizations need to be able to track their products. 


Did you know that custom-printed tape can be used to keep your packages more secure and guard against tampering? 

Unlike standard packaging tape, your custom tape will not be readily available to people outside your fulfillment center. If anyone attempts to tamper with your custom tape, they will not be able to conceal their activities by resealing the package.

Creating a Design for Custom-Printed Tape

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